What we do

We do cool stuff with Augmented Reality and Generative AI

We are the premier provider of high-end augmented reality and generative AI solutions. We work with businesses, educational institutions, and government entities to fill their creative and technological gaps.

Our founders are pioneers in the field of spatial computing and generative AI. Scroll down to learn more.

Augmented Reality

Our AR tech adds a digital layer to the physical world using 3D models, video, and generative AI. We can bring traditional art to life, add interactive content to tourism hotspots, and create unforgettable marketing campaigns. We also provide analytics to measure engagement.

Best of all, the experience happens on an individual’s mobile device, without any app downloads or additional hardware.
Art galleries and muralists use our tech to turn their art into interactive experiences.
Property developers use our tech to turn project renderings into virtual tours.
Hotels, companies, and celebrities use our tech to engage their clients and fans.

Generative AI Platform

We provide an all-in-one generative AI platform for image, video, and audio generation. Our platform runs on high-performance cloud machines, which means no installation or management required. Just log in and start creating.

Want to become an expert (almost) overnight? We also provide in-person workshops and online consulting to make anyone comfortable with using powerful generative AI tools.
Studios and businesses use our AI platform to create, iterate on ideas, and cut costs.
Colleges use our workshops to educate their students on generative AI tools and their application.
Non-profits partner with us to give kids the technical know-how to compete in the job market of the future.

AI Tutors and Training

We leverage modern AI to create immersive learning experiences and scenario simulations. Whether it’s free-flowing conversations, or a more structured curriculum, our AI tutors turn dry or complex content into engaging educational training. We can even generate student assessment reports.

Our AI tutors save considerable costs, can be used on all devices including mobile and desktop, as well as in a VR headset for an immersive 360 environment.

Looking to turn your educational or corporate training into an easily accessible, fun, and engaging experience? Get in touch with us.

Get In Touch With Us

Feel free to reach out to Bloom Immersive with any inquiries, suggestions, or collaboration opportunities. Your feedback is invaluable to us